Synmax Vinyl Nitrile Hybrid Medical Exam Gloves

The benefits of nitrile.  The pricing and durability of vinyl.
Revolutionary new formulation of vinyl-based hybrid material, containing
nitrile, with elastic and strong “bones” with enhanced tactile sensitivity and a practical barrier of protection for a wide range of applications. They are also a good alternative for those suffering from Type Ⅰ allergies.


• Brand new product
• DOP, DEHP-free
• No latex proteins
• Low allergy potential
• Comfort conforming fit
• Extra strength barrier
• Enhanced tactile sensitivity
• Economical protection
• Resists acid, alkali & oil
• 100 gloves per box

Quality standards

• EN 455 and EN 374
• ASTM D5250
• Tensile Strength: 18MPa
• Palm Thickness: 0.08 mm min
• Finger thickness: 0.09 mm min (3.5-4 mil)
• Weight: 5.0 gm (size medium)
• Length: 230 mm min


Technical information:

Size/overall length as per EN 455-2
Impermeability as per EN 455-1
Durability, in original package if stored as per din 7716, ISO 2230

Documents and Specifications:

FDA 510(k) Certification

ASTM D 5250-19 Standard Specification for Poly (vinyl chloride) Gloves for Medical Application

EN455-2 Physical properties. 2020.4.30

EN455-3 biological evaluation. 2020.4.17

Declaration of Conformity (EU)

Powder-free, unsterile
Compound of Vinyl-based Hybrid
Blue, White, Purple, Pink
Ambidextrous, with rolled rim
Protect from heat, humidity, strong light & ozone
XS, S, M, L and XL 240 mm (≥230mm for USA)
AQL 1.5
Min. 5 years