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With a passion for advanced technology and driving down the costs of healthcare, HBI is a world-class company that's making a difference.

Advanced ultrasound, our main focus, enables immediate on-the-spot diagnostics, confirmations, and guided procedures covering nearly every exam type.

And with the awesome computing power in mobile devices and microchips we're able to deliver pocket-sized wireless units with image quality that rivals a cart at a fraction of the cost.

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Humanitarian Efforts and Special Projects

At Health Best, we're about a lot more than bringing great technology to life. Doesn't make much of a difference until you get it in the hands of the people who need it, especially when the chips might be down.

  • Global Emergency Care - Uganda
  • Team 5 Special Forces - Global Disaster Rescue
  • Bahamas DIsaster Relief (huricane rescue)
  • South America, Kenya, American Indian Reservations, Tanzania Road2IR

Global Emergency Care - Uganda

Twitter #ultrasound: "Please help, our only ultrasound is broken and can't be repaired".

Reply: "Send us an address".

Didn't know what we were stepping into.  Next day, a three hour call with Global Emergency Care.  Physicians and healthcare pro's who train and certify sonographers in and for Uganda.  All volunteers, on their own time and at their own out-of-pockets (nope, airfare's not include).

The first text from our new friends in Kamala:

"Already diagnosing pneumonia, tuberculosis, cancer, heart failure, a massive orbital abscess, even ruled out pericardial effusions and were able to get a sense of ejection fraction (left heart function)".

That was on the very first day they held that little dual linear and convex doppler in their hands.

Not "dreamers" after all ... a few thousand dollars ... a small dent in the pockets ... ask the people receiving the care!


Team 5 - Special Forces Global Rescue

One evening a military veteran suggested we have a look and see what we might do for The Team Five Foundation.

One look at their home page, an organization founded by a navy seal and a green beret for the shere purpose of dropping into war zones, disaster sites, and the type of places where other people wouldn't even think to approach.

Another tweet: "Please send us an address".

Well, actually a second tweet (they weren't used to getting contributions coming out of nowhere).  Another unexpected step in the right direction.  On the first call, invited to join a collaboration building out medical rescue tech for that will change the whole world of military personnel serving in outposts, combat zone, and in particular, chopper evacs, and EMT's and rescue personnel throughout the world.

Just to speak with these folks ... can't begin to tell you what an honor and a privilege, let alone to be lending a hand to the soldiers willing to risk their lives so that others might enjoy the freedoms that we're all so grateful for.

Definitely, stop by their website, and if you have an inclination, feel free to lend a hand (they also volunteer on their own time and pay their expenses, and though I'm sure they can all fly planes and choppers, they split the costs among themselves)

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