Three Transducers In One - Linear, Convex, Phased Array Cardio


A Leader In Patient-Facing Technologies

With a passion for advanced technology and driving down the costs of healthcare, HBI is a world-class company that's making a difference.

Advanced ultrasound, our main focus, enables immediate on-the-spot diagnostics, confirmations, and guided procedures covering nearly every exam type.

And with the awesome computing power in mobile devices and microchips we're able to deliver pocket-sized wireless units with image quality that rivals a cart at a fraction of the cost.

HBI Dual Headed Linear / Curvilinear



Cable-Free WiFi

Incredible Images

Precision Tuning

Never Overheats

HBI Dual Headed Linear / Curvilinear

Linear & Convex

Phased Array

Dual & Triple


Bladder Volumes


Sharp, Clear, Hi-Def

Granular Fine-Tuning

Time-Gain Comp


Multiple Measurements


Sonostar.  Portable, light-weight, single-button, pocket-sized with image quality near, equal or even above many high-priced ultrasound carts.

The quickest, most cost-effective, accurate diagnostic path.

PPE Personal Protection Equipment


HBI Probe Circle

Some of the feedback from physicians using our technologies.

Warren Svee

Warren Svee, Radiology, Vascular Surgery

Some physicians pay $40,000-$50000 to get a big cart based system.  I am very impressed.

Brian Shiple Book

Brian Shiple, MSK, Regenerative Center for Sports Medicine & Wellness

I am so thrilled to use this small unit.  It's quick and easy. The settings allow me to do fine tune.

Armando Hernandez-Ray, MD

Armando Hernandez-Ray, OBGYN, Infertility

I'd do anything for wireless.  The images are amazing!


Kory Gill, Family, MSK, Sports

I love the ability to use the auto-settings then fine tune to granular detail.


Nicholas Lailas, Urology

Every office should have one of these, especially for a reference, conveninence in moments


Dr. Alejandro Alvarez, Vascular Surgeon

Does exactly what my big cart used to do without taking up any space, so it's easier to use and store. Images are beautiful.

Rajive Das

Rajive Das, Family Medicine

I don't know what I did before I had ultrasound. It's made my practice so much better for my patients and myself.  I use it for everything. I often don't bill for it, I just like taking better care of my patients.

Dr Joshua Lenchus

Joshua Lenchus, CMO Broward Health

I've been talking about wireless ultrasound for 10 years.  Glad it's finally arrived.

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