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A Leader In Patient-Facing Technologies

With a passion for advanced technology and driving down the costs of healthcare, HBI is a world-class company that's making a difference.

Advanced ultrasound, our main focus, enables immediate on-the-spot diagnostics, confirmations, and guided procedures covering nearly every exam type.

And with the awesome computing power in mobile devices and microchips we're able to deliver pocket-sized wireless units with image quality that rivals a cart at a fraction of the cost.

Our Mission

Healthcare affordability and accessibility. 

Addressing technology overspending with right-sized right-priced solutions.

Addressing supply-chain and PPE needs by driving down the costs with aligned relationships with some of the industry's leading suppliers.

Our History

The company was founded by David LeVine, a Silicon Valley Pioneer that led us from mainframes to micros to mobiles, and apps.  And for his role in introducing the cloud, awarded One of the Top 100 Visionaries in Technology.

Also heading up the team are Quinn Place and Carl Gold, MD.  Quinn, a vivacious CPA and CMA with a wide range of expertise and tight relationships throughout the industry.  Carl Gold, a veteran anesthesiologist, determined to have a leading role as the next generation of healthcare unfolds.

Our Focus

Diagnostics. It started on a plane flight when the physician sitting next to Quinn asked for help locating a handheld wireless ultrasound for a medical study.  As it turned out, Dr. Ram, Director of the Center For MS Excellency is a global-leader in the field preparing to do a lumbar puncture study on MS patients.

Today HBI technology is in use in nearly every speciality, private practices, hospital systems, and leading medical schools.

While POCUS stands for point-of-care ultrasound, it's actually far more (have a look at some of the stats below*)

Handheld, cable-free, ultrasound.  High resolution imaging with fine-tuning granularity.  Low cost.  Maintenance free.  Runs with an app on an iPad, iPhone, Android or Windows as the console and viewing screen.  Diagnostic insight conveninently nearby or in your pocket (beats waiting on, wheeling around, or moving patients to an unwieldy cart). 

(*) The use of POCUS raised DVT sensitivity raised from 56% to 97% and specificity raised from 79% to 97%. 

First year med students with no clinical experience and 18 hours of trainingpp

... 56% greater accuracy than experienced cardiologists when performing left-ventricular exams.

The Founders

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About Us

Health Best International was founded to address the runaway costs and quality of outcomes in healthcare. Focusing on diagnostic and patient-facing technologies. The very point of contact between providers and patients. After all, that's where the rubber meets the road.

We'll consider our job done only when words like challenges, crisis, and unaffordable disappear from sentences with the word healthcare.

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