Honeywell Respirator Masks H901 Foldable

Flat folding masks with a high degree of protection, greater cavity space, good air permeability, comfort and applicability, to provide users with a safe and comfortable particle protection solutions.

  • Filter efficiency exceed 98%
  • Inhalation resistant < 100 pa, exhalation resistant < 70 pa
  • Nose pad with imported sealing material, with high adhesion, soft and comfortable characteristics, reduce the constriction to nose, more comfortable
  • Large internal space enhance more air circulation, provides user comfortable.

Honeywell makes the identical masks for both N95 and KN95 markets.  Currently shipping the KN95.

Regulatory reports below.

Honeywell H901 Review by USA Today Best Selling Author Jackson Dean Chase – A Hidden Treasure


For over 100 years, Honeywell has been a world leader in everything from aeorospace, quantum computing, high performance materials, and a household name in safety and productivity solutions.  Their line of respiratory protection is no exception.  The H901 is an extremely comfortable, fits to your face, soft, foldable style of respiratory masks.

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Honeywell H901 Technical Specifications Sheet


The same H901 is available worldwide, with markings including N95, KN95, PPF, and CE.  Currently shipping the KN95.

One single mask designed to meet the global demand.