Honeywell Respirator Mask H801

Honeywell H801 CDC listed, made for both KN95, N95 and EU markets.

  • Filters over 95% of solid and non-oil liquid aerosol’s.
  • Soft, foldable, easily fits to your face.
  • Metalic nose clip, easy to shape.
  • Twin, latex-free, elasticated welded straps.
  • Sweat and moisture absorbent.
  • Provides an excellent degree of tightness.
  • High performing and humidity-resistant.
  • Low resistance media for smooth breathing.
  • Lightweight design to reduce fatigue.
  • Fits with glasses, safety spectacles, goggles.
  • An excellent field of vision.
  • Arc-shaped ribbing for durability.

Honeywell makes the identical masks for both N95 and KN95 markets.  Currently shipping the KN95.

Regulatory reports below.


Documents and testing (click for the reports)

Note the same Honeywell H801 is qualified as both N95 and KN95.  Currently shipping the KN95 label.