Honeywell Respirator Masks H801 (Box of 30. $2.42 each)


Honeywell H801 CDC listed, made for both KN95, N95 and EU markets.

  • Filters over 95% of solid and non-oil liquid aerosol’s.
  • Soft, foldable, easily fits to your face.
  • Metalic nose clip, easy to shape.
  • Twin, latex-free, elasticated welded straps.
  • Sweat and moisture absorbent.
  • Provides an excellent degree of tightness.
  • High performing and humidity-resistant.
  • Low resistance media for smooth breathing.
  • Lightweight design to reduce fatigue.
  • Fits with glasses, safety spectacles, goggles.
  • An excellent field of vision.
  • Arc-shaped ribbing for durability.
  • Honeywell makes the identical masks for both N95 and KN95 markets.  Per the snapshot, currently shipping the KN95.

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Note the same Honeywell H801 is qualified as both N95 and KN95, currently shipping the KN95 label.