HBI Ocean Medical Face Masks

A whole new era of PPE

If you’re tired of wearing manufacturing, mining, or construction masks, made specifically with healthcare in mind.  Clean, simple, better fitting, more comfortable to wear … and far more affordably priced.     With average efficiency above 99% by one of the world’s leading medical apparel brands.

  • Five layers of protection (instead of the typical three).
  • Forms to “your” face for a snug fit.
  • Soft, comfortable, easy to wear.
  • Convenient, foldable, pocket-size.
  • 99%+ average filtration efficiencies.
  • Sterilized and individually packaged and sealed.
  • Durable with a firm outer layer to hold its shape.

Regulatory reports below.


Documents and attachments (clickable):

HBI Ocean FDA Registration

HBI Ocean Masks Full Brochure

HBI Ocean GB 19083-2002 Test Report

HBI Ocean 2626-2006 Test Report

HBI Ocean Masks Test Report

Product Labeling and Fit Testing

Surgical Grade Version GB 15979-2002 Test Report

Be sure to inquire about other styles, sizes, shapes and materials.  Specialty orders invited.