Hartalega Coats Nitrile Medical Exam Glove

Made for HBI by Hartalega, one of the worlds leading glove manufacturers. Rather than outsourcing production, as many of the manufacturers do, Hartalega instead made the investment and today runs the fastest production lines in the industry churning out more than 45,000 new gloves an hour.

With a broad product line, we’ve chosen their COATS® brand as the glove-of-choice for our customer facilities.

Made with a proprietary Collodial Oatmeal formulation, the “silky-soft” feel provides an FDA-approved moisturizing barrier that reduces discomfort while minimizing the skin irritation common to regular gloves including the dry and itch skin that comes from frequent hand washing.

Once you slip one on you’ll also consider the “COATS®” brand to be your first choice when it comes to gloves.


Key Features

• Brand new product
• Nitrile – latex free
• Durable, puncture-resistant, protein and powder-free
• Highly elastic super soft
• Fingertip textured enhanced grip
• Powder free
• Chemo drug tested
• Lab chemical tested
• Ambidextrous
• Standard cuff

• Rolled rim for easy donning
• Dawn blue color
• Eliminates the Type I allergic reaction associated with natural rubber latex

Quality standards

• FDA 510(k)
• ASTM D6319
• ASTM D6978 (Chemotherapy)
• ASTM D412
• ASTM D573
• ASTM D5151
• ASTM D6124
• ISO 13485:2016
• ISO 9001-2015


Certification and Test Report Package

Hartalega Coats FDA 510(k)

Hartalega Coats ASTM D6978 (chemotherapy tested)

Glove Length ≥ 230
Palm Thickness 0.07 ± 0.02
Finger Thickness 0.09 ± 0.02