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Amazing Ultrasound Imaging - POCUS Gone Wireless

The ultimate in wireless ultrasound is brought to you by HBI, the exclusive authorized Sonostar US source.

Pocket0sized with amazing images and fine-tuning capabilities.  No more fetching a cart, moving a patient, or an extra exam room.

Multiple models including the new three-in-one with linear, convex, and phased-array in a single probe.  Endocavitary, micro-linear, and micro-convex, covering nearly every specialty and exam type.

By taking advantage of micronization and the amazing computing power in your iPad, iPhone, Android, and Windows devices you immediately move light-years ahead. Long-lasting battery with rapid recharge, durable, drop-tested, waterproof, and military-approved.

Isn’t it time to start getting the immediate diagnostics you need, the ability to quickly review your findings with patients, and taking advantage of the billing and referral opportunities at a highly affordable price.

Warren Svee, Radiology, Vascular Surgery

Some physicians pay $40,000-$50000 to get a big cart based system. I am very impressed.

Brian Shiple, MSK, Regenerative

Center for Sports Medicine & Wellness

I am so thrilled to use this small unit. It's quick and easy. The settings allow me to do fine tune.

Armando Hernandez-Ray

OBGYN, Infertility

I'd do anything for wireless. The images are amazing!

Kory Gill, Family, MSK, Sports

I love the ability to use the auto-settings then fine tune to granular detail.

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