The Honeywell H801 NIOSH, CDC, CE, KN95

Honeywell H801

In our series of PPE reviews, we'll now explore the Honeywell H801 respirator.

The H801 is one of the most widely used respiratory masks in the world. Because Honeywell was one of the first to step into the donations space, the mask was initially in short supply.

In response, Honeywell stepped up global production. In fact, we're generally able to maintain US stock at this time.

The H801 is a cup-shaped mask with a soft outer surface. A narrowing at the padded nose bridge accommodates a wider range of view, goggles and glasses. A sturdy, face-forming aluminum clip and elastic head straps create a tighter, more secure fit.  

The mask itself is lightweight, latex-free, odorless, sweat-absorbent, and humidity-resistant. This results in greater comfort due to lower breathing resistance and a better appearance.

Designed to meet and exceed N95 specifications, NIOSH NNPTL testing of the H801 scored a min/max filter efficiency of 98.40% to > 99%. 

Construction is three-layers. Two outer surfaces of  non-woven polypropylene combined with an inner layer of polyester and traditional, particle-filtering melt blanc (the material behind the supply shortage). The inner surface is lined with ribs to help hold the shape and the head straps are securely adhered, surviving our own “tug tests” (while others quickly broke apart).

Our experience with the H801 has been exceptional.  Customers like the performance, appearance, and fit, placing re-orders, and requesting it as an alternative to other major brands that didn’t pass their fit tests. Some particularly like them for folks with smaller faces.

Buying tip:  While investigating the H801 we confirmed with Honeywell, in writing, that they make only one H801 (internal part number H1005584). This means the same H801 mask is identical whether labeled N95, KN95, EU, or otherwise. With this in mind, we chose to stock the KN95 marking. This makes it more widely available and allows us to pass the savings on to our customers (identical mask, lower price, another advantage of the pragmatic approach of HBI).

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The article was written by David LeVine, CEO, one of the world’s leading technology visionaries, and Carl Gold, MD, CMO, using publications by Honeywell and other sources, combined with our own experience.

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