The Harley L288 NIOSH, CDC, CE, N95


Harley is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of respiratory equipment and PPE.  Based in Taiwan, with facilities in China, Harley produces masks under their own brand as well as for other leading household names.

Having opened a third factory in June 2020, primarily focused on PPE, expanded production capacity has been a dramatic contributor to our ability to facilitate quantities individual boxes up to the largest orders (into the hundreds of thousands and millions where needed).

Excelling in areas of certifications, performance, comfort, durability, and price-point, the L-288 has consistently received excellent feedback, tested positively in-house, repeatedly been re-ordered, and been chosen by customers who’ve received multiple samples.

The L-288 is a lightweight cup-shaped mask with outer layers of needle-punched cotton, an inner layer of PPE, an aluminum nose clip, and elasticized head straps. A narrowing at the padded nose bridge accommodates a wider range of view, goggles and glasses. Latex-free, odorless, sweat-absorbent, and humidity-resistant. The inner-padding and comfort-oriented texture result in an easy user experience even during longer periods of wear. 

When it comes to performance, the Harley excels.  In testing by NIOSH for maximum leakage percent, the L-288 scored an average of 0.672% (compared to a maximum acceptable of 5%).

When it comes to certifications, the brand made the investment and did their homework.  Fully NIOSH N95 certified, white-listed for expedited customs clearance, CE Mark (Europe), ISO (International Standards Organization by TUV), domestic QS and LA, and AS/NZS1716:2012, exporting to US, Japan, France, Italy, The Netherlands, the UK, and more than 40 countries.

When it comes to quality, we were extremely impressed during our visit to their plant in Guangzhou, China.  The facility was spotless, the machinery was new and modern, and extensive testing was repeatedly observed on masks coming off the line.

Buying tip:  As mentioned above, Harley is the behind-the-scenes manufacturer for other brands and household names.  Purchasing the masks under their own brand name of course results in top levels of quality with a reduction in the markup layers and savings.

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The article was written by David LeVine, CEO, one of the world’s leading technology visionaries, and Carl Gold, MD, CMO, using publications by Honeywell and other sources, combined with our own experience.For more information on the Honeywell H801, other masks, and a variety of PPE, please visit our website, contact us at  (754) 666-3717 or email Quinn Place or Dr. Carl Gold at